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Important Face Mask Notes

Please note that do offer medical devices or medical grade face masks.

The products offered on this website are for civilian use and do not come with any guarantee of protection against any viral or harmful gas.

We are happy to offer an assortment of bandanas, face masks and other similar products in accordance with the suggested use as outlined by Health Canada, the American CDC, the WHO and other organizations who have collectively and independently shown that masks are a helpful tool in reducing the spread of COVID-19.

The most important message we can offer is to try and keep your distance from others and constantly wash your hands (including but not limited to before, during and after wearing a mask).

Face Mask fitting: Generally we offer 2 sizes a kids and adult version. Our masks are sourced through several manufacturers and distributors and as such the sizing can vary from one type of mask to another. Please note that some masks will fit others differently and the perfect mask for 2 people might be a little or very different.

Note: These are not medical devices and we cannot insure that they will prevent the spread of any virus or bacteria. Remember to always wash hands before and after and while using a mask.

Returns note: Due to the nature of the product, their intended use and the continuously evolving procurement process for face masks they are all final sale until further notice.

Some important links:

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Health Canada notes on the use of non-medical masks

Health Canada making a mask from a bandana

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