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Return Policy

Did we make a mistake?

We hope you never receive the wrong order and we never want to make a mistake but we are human and realize that an error may occur. Please call or email us right away if you think there was a mistake. We want to work with our customer to create a positive experience and resolve any issues.

To help manage errors customers maybe invoiced, charged or credited to accommodate any over or under shipments which were accepted. In the event of over shipments One Way Novelties reserves the right to request a return at One Way Novelties expense. If the items are requested back and in a customers possession they may be billed until the items are returned and verified.


Please note that exchanges are only offered on a return and new purchase basis. Please refer to our return policy regarding the return of merchandise. 


Making a Return

All returns must be authorized in advance.

If you are not satisfied with a product in your order and it is still in new condition we will accept a return on most items. Please note that we ask you to email us as soon as you can, our return policy allows for 2 weeks after delivery (that’s 14 calendar days). All you need to do is send an email with your order or invoice number and information and the word return in the subject line. Be sure to let us know what we are expecting as a return so that we will be prepared for a quick refund.

Once we receive your return request expect a response with your return-authorization document including return instructions within 2 business days.

To avoid delays or any return issues please do not return items without authorization.

Orders over $200.00 in product & flat rate shipping (special return status)

Orders originally valued at over $200.00 in product at the time of purchase will be assessed a restocking fee of 15%. This applies to all items which are eligible for and accepted for return.

The following are not eligible for returns

  • Items removed from the original packaging
  • Specially priced items
  • Promotional or custom printed products
  • All shipping charges
  • Special order items
  • Products not available online
  • All glow products (such as glow bracelets, glow necklaces, glow sticks and other chemical glow novelty products)
  • Hats, Wigs and other headpieces: Wigs and other head-wear which are not sealed in the original packaging cannot be returned due to health restrictions.
  • Partial pack or unit quantities: When ordering products sold in a pack quantity (dozen, dozen pair, gross or other) the entire pack must be returned, the pack must be returned based on the assortment or style ordered and shipped to the recipient.

Tiered pricing and special offers

Before completing a return an order will be reviewed for incentives. If a special incentive was offered such as tiered or volume pricing an adjustment should be expected to reflect the quantity not returned.

Shipping Fees

Please note that we do not offer prepaid return labels nor do we absorb the cost of returning an order. Customers who try sending COD or cause our shippers to charge fees for additional services may be liable for any and all charges. Return CODs and collect shipments will also be refused.

If for any reason you cannot arrange for the return shipping please contact us and we will offer you return services. Please note that there will be a fee from the carrier passed on to the customer for this service.



In the event that a defect has been approved One Way may exercise the option to simply swap out the old product or refund the customer. Due to the nature of our products defect bulk items priced at less than $1.00 per individual ($12/dz, $144/gross) unit will require a minimum 5% defect rate just for review.  We do stand behind our products and products are tested at random when shipped from a factory and when shelved in our warehouse.

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